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Spring Staples

For the typical medical student, there is no feeling like post-exam freedom. For about half a day, you have absolutely no cares in the world!! Not to put it to waste, I headed to Soho for some shopping. My goal was to get some new items for spring & summer, and I think what I picked up are definitely on trend for this season.

I purchased this Accordian Pleated Skirt from Zara:


This Denim Long Sleeve Shirt from Uniqlo:


And a pair of very cute pink/polka dot shorts from H&M (no picture available)                                       

I’m also itching for a new pair of flats so I tried on these Daydreamer Flats at Steve Madden:


I thought they were unique, comfy, and light on the feet but for the price I just couldn’t commit yet. In total, I spent about 70 dollars on my purchases today. Nothing like good deals to keep the spring in my step!

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